The Hdwerks Mission

  Hdwerks was founded on the principal of no compromises attention to detail, and unwavering pride in our work. We love to be creative, and love working on unique and specialty cars. Cars that challenge us to push the limits and think outside the box. We are unconventional in thought and creativity, We enable your project to not only function well, but looks shockingly good at the same time. Who says you can't have both. Nothings impossible.
  More specifically, we specialize in the restoration and preservation of JDM and USDM cult classics. US Evolutions of all ages, Mitsubishi's, Nissans and DSMs from the US, And all EVO/GTR/ RB/4G and all JDM RHD Platforms. We are also very versed in project completion, finish work, diagnostic work and problem solving. Sometimes that last 20% of a build is very daunting and usually is the hardest part. We can handle it all. Last 20% or start to finish.  If its a weird car we probably have worked on it. If its funky, we love it. Bring us something unique. LETS BUILD SOMETHING COOL!
 Did you just import a car from overseas? Don't know where to turn to for basic questions and maintenance. We can help. Need to Spice it up a bit, or do a complete restoration to preserve its legacy? We can help you in every facet of these timeless machines. 
   Call us / Dm or email and we can discuss your next project. We are by appointment only for work, but can always take the time to make sure we answer the phone and talk to you about your car. We're not like the other guys, we pick up the phone and answer Dm's. 
 Can't wait to hear from you
 - Pete , Founder 
Call or Text  - 561.923.9581
DM / Insta - @hdewerks 
Email -