Collection: Restoration


Embark on a Journey of Precision Restoration with HDWerks. Specializing in JDM vehicles from the 90s to today's era, HDWerks offers an unrivaled restoration service that meticulously transforms vintage machines into modern-day masterpieces. Our no-compromise approach ensures that each vehicle emerges from our workshop not just restored, but reborn.


Laying the Foundation for Perfection

The restoration odyssey begins with an exhaustive inspection, where our specialists scrutinize every inch of your vehicle to develop a restoration blueprint. This plan outlines the necessary steps to rejuvenate your vehicle, detailing the work required for each component.

We set clear objectives, ensuring our restoration aligns with both your vision and our quality standards, firmly rejecting vehicles with extensive chassis rust to maintain structural integrity.


Organized Disassembly for Comprehensive Restoration

With meticulous precision, our team disassembles your vehicle, cataloging each component to ensure nothing is overlooked. This phase is critical for understanding the extent of restoration needed.

Every part, from the smallest screw to major components, is assessed and logged, creating a thorough inventory that guides the subsequent restoration process.


Dual Paths to Revival

In a synchronized effort, the vehicle's aesthetics and heart undergo transformation. The body is stripped, treated, and repainted, adopting advanced techniques to achieve a finish that's both stunning and durable.

Concurrently, the engine is dismantled, with each part evaluated and restored or replaced. This dual approach ensures both the engine's performance and the vehicle's appearance meet the high standards synonymous with HDWerks.


Reconstructing with Excellence

As the paint dries and the engine revitalizes, we commence the reassembly process.

This isn't merely putting parts back together; it's a careful reconstruction using new or restored components, including hardware, seals, gaskets, and more. Soundproofing, weatherproofing, and glass are all upgraded to enhance the vehicle's comfort and durability. Each step is taken with precision, ensuring the reassembled vehicle surpasses its original glory.


The Culmination of Craftsmanship

The engine, now a paragon of performance, is reunited with the chassis, along with the transmission and essential mechanicals, marking a significant milestone in the restoration journey.

The vehicle is then subject to a series of rigorous tests, fine-tuning each system to ensure flawless operation. This phase is about harmonizing the old with the new, ensuring the vehicle not only runs but excels in every measure.


Our Promise, Your Satisfaction

The final step in our restoration process is a comprehensive quality assurance check. This involves a thorough inspection and testing to ensure every aspect of the vehicle meets our exacting standards.

Once approved, the vehicle is ready for delivery, poised to begin its new chapter with you at the helm, backed by HDWerks' commitment to excellence and your renewed passion for JDM automotive artistry.


Transform Your JDM Legacy with HDWerks. Begin your vehicle's restoration journey today by contacting us for an in-depth consultation and discover how we can elevate your cherished JDM vehicle beyond its original splendor.