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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your preferred vendors?

PRP, ARTEC, Cusco, HKS, Ohlins, Greddy, Tomei, ID FIC, Whiteline, Haltech, ATI, ARP, GSC, Vibrant Performance, Ticon Industries, Koyo, CSF Radiator, Tial, Turbosmart, SCE, Kelford, Radium, Frenchies Performance Garage, ACR, Exedy, Nismo, Turbo by Garrett, Xona Turbo, Precision Turbo, Art Gennari Turbo, Wiseco, Manley, Calico, Spal, TiAutomotive, DBA, EBC, Stoptech, Goodrich, Motul, Superpro HDWerks.

2. Do you offer turnkey engine solutions?

We will in the future through our partnership with Platinum Racing Products.

3. What kind of paint do you use?

We use PPG Envirobase / SPI paint.

4. What kind of paint booth do you utilize?

Our paint booth is a Garmat 3000.

5. What kind of Dyno do you operate?

HDWerks utilizes a Mustang dyno.

6. Am I required to place a deposit for the HDBuilt package?

Deposits are 10% on required labor in addition to initial parts costs.

7. Is there a waiting list for builds?

Currently, we are about 6 months out but we always entertain the right project.

8. How do I get updates on the progress of my build?

Build progress will be shared through the Notion App which is available for iPhone or Android with a daily log of hours and pics as we break into the car.

9. Do you sell cars on consignment?

We can feature your car on our website and social media channels for a fixed fee of $3500.00 US. We require exclusivity during that time.

10. How long does it take to import a car into the USA?

Depending on the build date it could take from 60 days to several years.

11. What is the budget range for a Nissan Skyline GTR build?

Basic upgrades and light restoration can vary. Our most popular ultimate street package with all the bells and whistles is roughly $50k in parts and $15k in labor.

12. What is the budget range for a Toyota Supra build?

A 1000HP build including full restoration, engine, and suspension ranges from $90K - $125k. For light repairs and restoration the range drops to $40K - $80K.

13. What is the budget range for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution build?

A 800HP build including full restoration, engine, and suspension ranges from $65K - $85k. For light repairs and restoration the range drops to $30K - $50K.

14. How much horsepower is safe for the most street applications?

In our experience 500 - 600HP is the sweet spot for a car to be considered reliable and safe for the street.

15. How long does the HDBuilt process take?

Depending on the scope of the project it can be several weeks to a year or more.

16. Which countries can you import cars from?

We import cars from Australia and Japan. We have a network of dealers that can get cars from all over the world as well.

17. Do you help with registering imported cars?

We can take care of the entire process for you.

18. What is the hourly rate for A la Carte jobs?

A la carte jobs are $250/hr. with a 3 hour minimum. Large scale projects received a reduced rate of $175/hr with the same minimums.

19. Do you work on projects that are already in progress?

We make exceptions if a project has been worked on professionally, however, the majority of builds are started here from scratch.

20. Do you travel to complete builds out of state?

We do not do any services out of the shop setting. We can arrange transportation to get your car here and serviced.

21. What can you do if parts are discontinued?

We either look for a substitute, engineer a new one, or try to find a suitable used version.

22. Do you provide ongoing maintenance for builds?

We do if in the are located in the state of Florida. If not we set you up for success and maintenance when the car leaves.

23. Do you provide ceramic / heat coatings?

We offer Cerakote on all hot parts that we use when building your turbo kit. Other parts are either painted, re-coated in wrinkle black, or otherwise restored.