Motul Class Performance (20W50)

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Motul Classic Performance is a specially formulated high performance engine oil for classic cars with 2001 and older engines, with an increased level of ZDDP for extra protection.  Motul Class Motor Oil's anti-wear additives increases engine life, and its viscosity at high temperatures is specifically formulated for high mileage engines which tend to be heavy on oil usage. Additionally, it leaves an oil film protection on the engine and its moving parts during extended lay-up periods. Motul Class Motor Oil also possesses anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.
      • Size: 1qt Bottle (.95 L)
      • Viscosity Grade: 20W50
      • Increased level of ZDDP (zinc +phosphorous)
Recommended Use
Oil change intervals: Always use to manufacturers' requirements and to be adjusted according to using conditions.
Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.