Motul Multi DCTF

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MOTUL MULTI DCTF is a high performance Technosynthese® lubricant suitable for a wide range of DCT-equipped passenger cars, including Dry DCT and Wet DCT design. Especially suitable for Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) supplied by ZF, GETRAG or BORG WARNER and used by the main car manufacturers.

Thanks to its exclusive and dedicated formula, MULTI DCTF :

* Allows fuel economy for cars fitted with DCT transmissions by optimizing friction.
* Provides anti-shudder performance to avoid vibrations on engine fly wheel.
* Protects numerous gears, compact and heavily loaded.
* Gives superior transmission response: smooth shift feeling and no torque interruption between shifts.
* Improves DCT transmissions response at cold temperature.
* Extends life time duration, better shear stability at hot temperature and oxidation resistance.
* Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam.


Common Applications

  • Audi (S-Tronic)
  • BMW (DKG)
  • Ford (Powershift)
  • Nissan (GR6)
  • Opel (DSG)
  • Porsche (PDK)
  • VW (DSG)

 *Before use always refer to the owners manual or handbook of the vehicle.



Application: transmission lubricants
Quality: technosynthese
Product Range: Car
API Standards: GL-4
OEM Approvals: Refer to TDS chart 
Packaging: 1 liter
Article numbers: 105786 ; 103912 ; 104783 ; 104997