Collection: Procurement


Your Gateway to Acquiring Rare JDM Gems. At HDWerks, we specialize in sourcing, inspecting, and delivering the finest JDM vehicles to enthusiasts in the United States. Discover our comprehensive process that ensures you get the vehicle of your dreams, tailored to your exact preferences and expectations.


Understanding Your JDM Dream

Our journey begins with a personal consultation. Here, we delve into your automotive desires, focusing on the specific JDM model you're seeking.

We discuss your preferences, the intended use of the vehicle, and your budget, laying the groundwork for a tailored procurement plan that aligns with your vision.


Setting Realistic Financial Parameters

Transparency in budgeting is crucial. We provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in procuring your JDM vehicle, including sourcing, inspection, shipping, and any necessary restoration work we can foresee.

This step ensures that we align our search with your financial expectations, avoiding any surprises down the line.


Finding Your Rare JDM Treasure

Our extensive domestic and international networks allow us to locate rare and sought-after JDM vehicles.

We leverage our connections with dealers, private sellers, and auctions to find a car that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Ensuring Quality and Authenticity

Once a potential vehicle is identified, our expert(s) conduct a thorough inspection to verify its condition, authenticity, and legal compliance.

We examine the vehicle's history, perform a detailed mechanical check, and ensure it meets our high standards and your specific requirements.


Seamless Transportation to Your Doorstep

With the vehicle approved and paperwork in order, we handle the complexities of shipping and importing your JDM car to the United States.

Our team manages the logistics, customs clearance, and any regulatory compliance, ensuring a hassle-free process that culminates with the vehicle's safe arrival.


The final step in our procurement process is the exciting moment of delivery. We hand over the keys to your rare JDM vehicle, ensuring you're fully briefed on its care and maintenance. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond delivery, as we offer ongoing support and advice to keep your JDM gem in pristine condition.

Ready to embark on the journey to find your dream JDM vehicle? Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards making your automotive dream a reality.