TE37SL Center Cap Adaptor V2 HDW-001V2

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The long awaited V2 center cap is ready to go for the TE37 SL 

This is a set of 4 caps. 

These new caps will come  painted. We suggest that we help you paint match it to the wheel you have. If we dont have the color you need already done we need a sample to match to. You can take it to your local PPG dealer and get them to scan it and let you buy the smallest amount. we can then take the code and paint from that. 3

These are the colors I have codes for. if you need it matched please call or email me and I'll sort it out with you. your local PPG dealer can scan and send me a code, or have them mix a little and send it to me. ill spray it right away. 

DASH WHITE - 91322",

"MAG BLUE - 103809 (L)",


Measure your opening on your wheel to confirm fitment with a Micrometer 

Confirmed fitments: 

  • 18x9.5 et22 SL  
  • 18x9.5 et39 SL
  • 18x10 et29 SL
  • 19x9/10 et35 Tokyo time attack 
  • 19x9.5 et22 SL 5x112 ( a90 rear 19x10.5 35 do not work. )

Please email or Dm to check fitment. If you have an axle nut that is protruding please measure before ordering. 

Do not work on: 5x114 18 38et SL for some reason.  

If you have a SL that's an odd size or offset please contact us to confirm 

 PLEASE ALLOW 5-10 days to color match. we work as fast as possible but this is worse case.  

SKU: HDW-001V2